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Never Stop! (Biking)


I am an avid cyclist and F242 fan. One day, the thought of mixing the two struck me, and it lead me to want to make an F242 bike jersey. As of yet, I contacted and been replied to by Patrick Codneys about using some album art in a custom jersey, and it looks like a potential go.

Here is a rough cut of what I had in mind; any input to changes/your own designs are welcome.

Jerseys become cheaper as more are printed, so the more people who are interested in this, the cheaper they individually will be.

Comment, email me, etc., if you like the idea. And get the word out about this - more people, less cost! (Estimate right now is about $80)
For more specific pricing, go here.

_Kyle Stephens
Email: K2com@aol.com
SN: K2com
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